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This handy resource allows you to do advanced searches within a digital version of the King James Bible. However, this particular digital Bible goes beyond just capturing the text in an interactive format; this free bible software allows readers to cross-reference Bible verses with others that have a similar meaning or message. This way, if you are looking for verses about charity or about forgiveness, you need only to enter that word or phrase, and in a few clicks, you can find results across the New and Old Testament.

Our general impression is that the software version of the King James Bible is best used as a study aid: you can easily search the entire text, and find thematic connections using a simple, intuitive search feature. This program also renders its search results well for reading as well for printing out if necessary, so you can gather all interconnected verses together in one place, rather than having to try different websites to download bible apps.

All in all, this free Bible is an excellent resource for anyone really interested in studying the Bible and getting deeper into meanings and interconnectivity that can be found within. For the casual reader, however, it might not prove as valuable.

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  • King James Bible Screenshot of the Hebrew and Greek dictionary available for highlighted words
  • King James Bible Screenshot of a close-up of the alphabetized list of Bible topics

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