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Get around internet restrictions–especially while in China–using this intuitive proxy.

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  • Version: 7.40

  • File Size: 2.84MB

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  • OS: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, and Windows 8

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As an American internet user, there isn’t a whole lot of need for anything like Freegate. Our internet usage isn’t restricted, at least not yet. However, for anyone who travels to China frequently, Freegate can be a real life saver, using proxy servers to allow access to sites that are restricted by the government, like Facebook, Twitter, and even Wikipedia. This simple program allows you to skirt the regulations keeping you from up-to-date information.

Freegate operates on a simple premise: by accessing free proxy servers, users are able to anonymously circumvent restrictions to internet. The Freegate download doesn’t unblock websites, it just gives you a way around those blocks. At this task, it performs admirably. Server connections were reliable, and if there were ever connectivity issues, you have other servers to choose from. It is advisable to download Freegate and try the program a few times before you travel to China just so you can freely search solutions, because support sites for this software will most likely be blocked overseas. In the end, this utility helps spread free information in oppressed areas. Who can’t get behind a product that does that?

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  • Freegate Screenshot of the different tab options available from the program's control panel
  • Freegate Screenshot of the performance status window for the different server options

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