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Desktop Calendar is a Windows Gadget that allows you to keep track of any calendar events from birthdays and anniversaries to meetings, appointments, or just personal reminders. This calendar offers smart events such as the first Thursday of each month or intervals like every other week, allowing you to easily set up recurring reminders. Visually, it is cleanly laid out and color-coded, and can be displayed as a small calendar or in full view. The data is easy to export as an html file, text file, or CSV file.

The main downside of this free calendar is that it is perhaps too straightforward. With so many free calendar download opportunities, it can be hard to justify spending money on a calendar download, especially when a web-based calendar app can be synched with your mobile devices as well. Yes, they would require an internet connection to access and update, but internet connectivity is getting easier and easier to come by these days.

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Desktop Calendar Screenshots

  • Desktop Calendar Screenshot a number of the different color options available for calendars
  • Desktop Calendar Screenshot of different reminder icons as they appear on the calendar

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