Minecraft Resources

Minecraft is a sensation that has swept across the internet and even onto gaming consoles in the past year or so. It’s a giant sandbox game with no real discernible “goal” that most gamers would regularly look for, so sometimes a little help is in order. The most common question for people just getting started out in Minecraft is simply What do I do?

We want to help you beginning Minecrafters to get a leg up with a few links and resources that we use whenever we want to go swing a pickaxe. Click any of the site names to visit the sites we describe.

The Minecraft Wiki

This is an excellent place to start, mainly because, much like the game itself, there is so much to learn and to explore. This is one of the better collections of user knowledge to be found online, and chances are you will find the answer to any question you might have somewhere within these pages.

The Minecraft Community

This is the official networking page from Minecraft’s website. It serves as a pretty comprehensive directory of everywhere you could go to find out information about Minecraft. There are links to user forums hosted by different sites, links to support, and much, much more.

Planet Minecraft Mods

Planet Minecraft is a popular community fansite, and their mod list is exhaustive. There are currently over 6,000 mods included, and that list is growing by the day. If you feel like modding your world a little bit, this is an excellent place to start.

There are obviously countless sites out there that are Minecraft centered. Hopefully this guide provides you some good starter links, but they barely scratch the surface. If you haven’t yet tried Minecraft, go to our Minecraft Game Page to download a free trial version and see what all the fuss is about.

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